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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Stunning Valentine Amaryllis Flowers

 This year I wanted to get my wife an Amaryllis plant for Valentine's Day.  Around here those don't seem to be available except at Christmas.  I had all but given up when I found one on February 13th at Food Lion.  We planted it in the pot on the 14th and one month later it bloomed.  This is a special Amaryllis with the four large flowers on the tall flower stalk and one flower just above the top of the bulb.  I was lucky to get exactly what I wanted for Valentine's Day.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Beautiful Spring Flowers

 Early last week some spring flowers came to life after months of winter.  The Daffodils in the back are gorgeous and abundant this year.  My wife thinks it is one of the best years yet.  At the same time our Saucer Magnolias we planted in the front yard three years ago are growing larger and producing more flowers every year.  The one in the foreground started blooming a week before the other for some reason which is why the flower colors are slightly different.  The more the flowers open the more white shows from the inside petals.