Backyard Pond

Discussion of backyard pond, frogs, goldfish and plants.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Impressive Mimosa Tree

The Mimosa tree in the front yard is doing just great.  Comparing it to the picture from the June 20 post, the branches are twice a long as they were.  My concern is if we get heavy snow or ice - can the branches hold up under excessive weight.  We were surprised by the huge Elephant Ears that grew up around the tree.  The bulbs were in the root ball when we transplanted the Mimosa last fall.  The color contrast between the Elephant Ears and the Mimosa creates a beautiful display.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Nighttime Pond Visitor

 We were wondering who was eating the plants in the pond so we put the camera nearby.  We found a large cat coming by in the middle of the night.  I'm guessing the cat was hunting for frogs or fish rather than plants.  The next day we caught the culprit and it was a squirrel.  Here is the squirrel sitting there nibbling on plant leaves that he chopped off the Mexican Petunia.