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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Peach Tree Project Complete

 A project that began three years ago is 99 percent complete.  I decided to replace an aging Peach tree with some Crape Myrtles so three years ago, I planted the Crape Myrtles while keeping the Peach tree in place.  After a year, the Crape Myrtles were doing very well so I cut back part of the Peach tree.  Last year the Crape Myrtles were ready to take over so I cut the Peach tree back to a three foot tall stump. This week I dug around the stump and cut the large roots and finally pulled it out.  I replaced the dirt and in a few weeks after it settles, I'll finish the repair to the location. You can see the beautiful shade the Crape Myrtles are providing after only three years.


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