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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Deer Encounter

Yesterday afternoon and early evening we had some pretty severe thunderstorms.  After the storms passed, I walked the fence to ensure we didn't have any damage.  As I reached the fence near the pond I saw a baby deer inside the fence trying to get out by running through the chain link.  That didn't work too well.  All the sudden I noticed our dog (Knox) chasing the deer who takes off toward the other side of the yard.  I gave chase though that is kind of funny - me chasing a deer and Knox - so it was more like I was lost the race before it started and was just trying to catch up with them.  Luckily Knox chased the deer into a box canyon like area in our yard.  There Knox almost caught the deer who broke for the open end along the shed.  I was close and grabbed the baby deer - holding it tightly in my arms as it was screamed.  The screams were like "cauw" "cauw" (my best baby deer impression).  At that moment, my wife heard the commotion, came outside and dragged Knox into the house.  She opened the gate and I let the baby deer run off into the woods.  I hope it found mom deer or others in the herd who knew where to go.  I don't know if the baby deer was scared by the storm and jumped the 5 foot fence or if it maybe followed mom jumping the fence but then couldn't get back out.


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