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Friday, June 15, 2012

Clam Shell Air Propagator

 Here is an interesting new product for propagating plants I saw on  Mike sends out regular emails about all things plants and trees.  The idea here is to strip some bark from the stem still on the plant.  Add some root-tone, cover with the black vessel filled with starting soil and keep it moist.  If all goes well in 4 to 6 weeks your have a bunch of roots so you can cut below the vessel and plant your new plant.  Here we are trying it on our white Azalea and Oak Leaf Hydrangea.  The site to purchase is


Blogger sky said...

Hello, from Tokyo!
I have been searching the topic of "air layering" and reached you.
I find peeling the bark very difficult. I have already lost a few guava trees by doing this.

Currently, I am trying to air layer with my feijoa Nikita and common guava Variegata. The twigs of both are too thin for me to be able to use the special clippers for air layering and I simply wrapped the twigs with moss initially. However, I did the proper way yesterday with the guava.

If you have a moment please come and see my blog which I have just started recently (I used to run a Yahoo blog, but left Yahoo because of too many advertisements on the screen). Unfortunately, my blog is currently only in Japanese but if you are interested in any of the plants, I should be happy to translate. Also, I should be happy to provide you with information on plants available in Japan.

11/30/2012 07:24:00 PM  

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