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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Party Time at the Pond

The pond has been pretty quiet for the past month although I did have two goldfish die in that time. It doesn't appear to be a major problem as the rest of the fish continue to look healthly. The string algae is still going crazy and the barley pads haven't seemed to help. But most interesting is the frogs are back. The past several days have been very warm with the high yesterday hitting 80 degrees and the water temperature hit 64 degrees. With the warmer water temperature the fish are much more active and there are a bunch of them. Last night I went out to check all the loud croaking and found at least a dozen frogs calling each other. Some were floating on the water surface and the rest were on the sides of the pond. A couple of frogs were chasing each other so I suspect love is in the air. The noise continued late into the night and some were still chating this morning. A frog couple was still dancing this morning at 9 am. When I checked the pond this morning, the party last night got so rambunctous they knocked the hose off one of the pumps which changed the flow of the water around the pond.


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