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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Clematis and Columbine

 This is a Clematis we moved from behind the pond several years ago and it must really like the new location as it is blooming like crazy.  Last May it had a few flowers but this year it is a cascade of flowers.  Below are two new plants we added to our inventory.  These are a species of Columbine that we planted this spring.  It's flowers are very different from the Columbine we already have that spread all over.  We started with one plant and now have dozens.  We hope this variety will also spread to other areas of the garden.


Blogger Bushman said...

I love the Clematis. I hope to plant some this year as well. I want to do a big trellis on the west side of my house and plant it with clematis and morning glories to help shade the house from the hot western exposed sunshine!

6/10/2013 03:33:00 AM  

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