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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Front Yard Remodeling Continues

 The front yard remodeling continues prompted by the removal of the giant Beech tree a few months ago.  In the past couple of weeks we added two Black Lace Elderberry bushes and a Paw Paw tree. The bushes have started to bloom with a bunch of small flowers.  Since we bought the Paw Paw tree that is native to the area we were surprised to find a number of these trees in the woods behind our house.  The Paw Paw trees in the woods don't look like the pictures we found on line perhaps because of too much shade.  We'll see if the new one in the front grows up and looks different.  The mature tree is supposed to get an edible fruit.  Although these new plants are deer resistant, we fenced them to give a chance to get established.


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