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Monday, April 08, 2013

Pineapple and Front Yard Update

When I last discussed our pineapple in October, we had moved it inside for the winter.  It continues to grow like gangbusters.  The fruit is now 5 inches tall and the leave even taller.  We will keep this beautiful specimen in the house for safety.  The front yard makeover is moving along.  We have a new planting area all set with two Saucer Magnolias and six Yuccas.  We fenced them to protect them from all the neighborhood deer so they can get a good start. This makeover was prompted by the removal of the 100 foot Beach tree in the middle of the front yard.


Blogger Bushman said...

That pineapple looks awesome. I love magnolias. I always break open a small twig and smell the lemony scent.

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