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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What's Worse Than a Predator Eating Goldfish?

As sad as it is when a predator takes and eats the Goldfish, it is worse when they don't finish the job. In this instance, I was looking around the pond a couple of days ago and spotted a Goldfish in the grass about five feet from the large pond. This poor fish hadn't been there too long because he didn't seem to be totally dead. I put him back in the pond to try to to revive him. His mouth moved and the gills tried to get started but it was too late. This guy was 8 inches long and I know he didn't jump five feet out of the pond. With that I decided a predator captured him from the pond and for some reason - dropped him and moved on. Quite a waste of a great looking fish. The same day on the other side of the yard we found an egg on the yard with a bird embryo laying next to it. It appeared to me that yet another predator hadn't completed his job. Very sad day for the critters.


Blogger Phil said...

Stumbled upon your blog today as I was searching for other homeowners with ponds. I am surprised at the amount of wildlife your pond attracts!

Last fall we bought a house with a badly constructed and neglected pond. Since I am new to ponds and wanted a jump start, I hired someone to scrap it and start over. They just began work Tues. and am eager to see the progress being made each day.

I have so much to learn and your blog is very helpful, especially the pictures.


6/09/2010 07:46:00 AM  

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