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Thursday, June 03, 2010

March of the Frogs Going Strong

The march of the frogs is going strong. A bunch of the tadpoles we talked about in March are now tiny frogs moving out of the pond and into the big world. In this picture, you have to look very close to see six of these cute critters in and around rocks in the stream. It is like a treasure hunt. The frogs don't seem to want this march to end because they keep laying eggs. Below is a new batch of tadpoles that hatched from recently deposited eggs. We are hoping these are green tree frogs since they seem to lag the earlier frogs. Can't wait to see if we are right. Meanwhile the big tadpoles that spent the winter in buckets, large and small pond are becoming frogs. The difference is these frogs are 10 time the size of the tiny frogs in this picture.


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