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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is Just Around the Corner

Not long ago, I was shoveling snow and now we have had two days in a row sunny and over 70 degrees. The frogs returned along with the warmer weather and the evidence is here. The first picture show our Sweetflag plan sending up new shoots in the small pond. The blob in the middle is a bunch of frog eggs mixing with the algae. You can see the pattern since the frogs lay eggs in a string. The second picture shows the Sweetflag jumping up in one of the 20 gallon buckets we use for plants and in this case a tadpole hatchery. This bucket was where we put the tadpoles we rescued from the front porch planters. I can report at least 2 tadpoles survived our severe winter so with luck we will have some new frogs - don't know how long since I don't know what species of frog produced these tadpoles.


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