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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Green Frog Sitting on a Lily Pad

I have always had a vision that frogs sit on lily pads and finally one of our frogs is doing it. I think he is one of the green frogs that was born earlier this year and has taken up residence in the small pond.

The baby birds hatched in the past day or two. In this somewhat fuzzy picture, you can make out two beaks but I think there are two others with their heads down. Momma bird is working hard running out for groceries and feeding the young ones pretty much continuously.

A new butterfly has joined the others. We now have as many as 6 or 7 visiting the butterfly bush at a time. It is really quite interesting to watch them flit from flower to flower and share the flowers with the bumble bees and other bugs.

Our gladioli bulbs have been blooming for about a month now and this one is particularly stricking. The picture isn't as good as the real think but you get the idea of the interesting mixture of colors in the throat of the flower.


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